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Aggeliki Papadatou

Choreographer / Artistic Director / Alternative Therapist

Ever since she was a child, she danced in the living room. Starting with the tapes her mother bought for her,  she improvised on the music of Vivaldi & Schumann.
It was not until many years later that she found the courage to fulfill her dream. She graduated from Laban Center in 1997 and started directly after her graduation dancing and choreographing.
Integrative dance and the concept that everyone can dance regardless what body structure they have, drew her interest from the very beginning.

Her company AggeloSkoni, from 2003 until 2014, has put on ten productions with various approaches and themes.

Today she lives in a small village called Sapounakaiika in Tyros, in Arcadia, in Peloponnese.

Inspired by her surroundings and her life changing experiences, she is returning to her creative art of moving aiming at sharing with her audience her path.