ID n° 121


Aggeliki Papadatou

Music Composition & Performance:
Simon Redfern

Set Design:
Where_House (Zoi Langi. Marilena Synodinou)

Alexia Theodoraki

Light design:
Thomas Oikonomakos

Lighting Design:
Thomas Oikonomakos

Yiannis Pestopoulos

Nikoleta Karmiri,
Timos Zechas,
Euridiki Samara,
Eirini Theotokatou


Fontys Theater
Duet – (1st Cast) part of the MA Choreography Program
Akis Davis theatre
7th Dance Festival Greek Choreographer’s Association, with the support of the Ministry of Culture


“ID no 121” από την


Story Layout

One duet and two solos commenting on the interrelationship of the body’s multiple identities and the relationships between the sexes and their sexuality.
What makes us wanted? Is it our body? Is it our clothes, or the way we look? Do we become what we project, the clothes implemented on us, our body formed for us? What kind of relationships can we create with our constructed identity? Could it be that the “Self” that is hiding under the surface is the real body, the one that can bring us close to each other?


Unwrapping implemented identities searching to find the specific ONE one chooses

1st Solo

female and male stereotypes interpreted and merged in one body

2nd Solo

A contradictive proposition in relation to the struggle of the contemporary body which is in danger to become very much alike to all others while forgetting its individuality