Rol scores a goal on the wave

Dance in Education


Angelica Papadatos

Choreographing and Performing:
Aggeliki Papadatou,
Marina Mavrogeni

Set Design:
Where_House (Zoi Langi. Marilena Synodinou)

Alexia Theodoraki

Music Composition:
Stelios Giannoulakis

Light design:
Thomas Oikonomakos

Set design construction:
Zoi Langi,
Marilena Synodinou,
Manos Gordonarakis

Story Teller’s voice:
1Paris Ferraro

Poster’s Design:
24lemons aka Dimitris Tsiatas

Picture concept:
Κonstantina Vassalou

supported by funding of the Secreteriat of Youth


Akis Davis theatre
8th Dance Festival Greek Choreographer’s Association, with the support of the Ministry of Culture

Story Layout

a dance theater performance for children

Stories written by a piece of rubbish found by the sea shore:
Τhe sailor is a plastic toy offered as a gift inside a package of “Rol” washing powder during the 60’s.
He was found laying on the beach among other rubbish, in 2008, on a beach on Euboia Island .
What is his story?How did he get there? One allows his/her fantasy to bring the story to life.