Dance in Education


Aggeliki Papadatou

Set Design:
Dido Tzavara

Despina Makarouni

Dimitris Tzavaras

Light design:
Nikos Vlasopoulos

Music Compsosition:
Chris Mihikian (Mandatasound, Idiorythmon)

Vassiliki Hrysanthakopoulou
Aggeliki Papadatou
Elina Tzavara
Dafne Stefanou


Multi Cultural Venue 417
Metaxourgio, Athens March-April 06

Theater of Spring
5th Dance Festival Greek Choreographer’s Association, with the support of the Ministry of Culture

Megaro Thessalonikis
1st Balcan Performing Arts Market

Αpothiki Multi Art Space
Gargalianoi, Messinia

Story Layout

Ever since the beginning of our existence, each moment of our life involves the air, fire, water, soil and the fifth element (Pemptousia according to Aristotle).
This relationship is a unique mystical initiation to the cycle of birth, change and death.SaGiNeF is a game where Thalis and Embedoklis principles are mixed with everyday practices like our gardening and our laundry.
The journey ends at the fifth element where we can continue swimming in eternity, together with the stardust the element of the stars.

Performed for Primary School Students with the “Permission of the Ministry of Culture”.