Me Today

Aggeliki Papadatou

Choreographer / Artistic Director / Alternative Therapist

Ever since she was a child, she danced in the living room. Starting with the tapes her mother bought for her, she improvised on the music of Vivaldi and Schumann. She then continued with Madonna while flirting with Ballet classes where she found herself straggling to lift her leg just a little bit higher.
After realizing that her body could never achieve what the other girls where doing, she gave up. It was not until many years later, that she found the courage to fulfill her dream. She graduated from Laban Center in 1997 and started dancing and choreographing directly after.

Integrative dance and the concept that everyone can dance, regardless of their body structure, drew her interest from the very beginning.

Her company AggeloSkoni, which was founded in 2003, has put on ten productions with various approaches and themes: integrative dance, the creative process in education, ecological human imprint and stories of the body.

Body work / Alternative work out / Body consciousness

Throughout the years Aggeliki has practiced various movement techniques.
After completing her dance training, she trained in Stott Pilates. In 1992 she was first involved in alternative therapies. She has trained in Reiki which she practices as a therapist and teaches adults and children. She is also a Spiritual Response Therapy, Aura Soma and Klang Massage practitioner.

Combining all this knowledge, she has created her own personal method of instruction, which she calls Body Work / Body Conscious.
The work consists of a set of exercises that train the body and its specific body parts, while the new achieved qualities are then applied in movement.
You can join in on a class either at her studio in or online.