Bella is Going Down & Up the Staircase


Angelica Papadatos

Set Design:
Angelica Papadatos

Froso Sendona

Lighting design:
Tasos Paleoroutas

Music Compsosition:
Spyros Peristeris

Irene Kourouvani,
Christos Kypriotis,
Irene Zachara,
Peggy Psychogiou,
Dafne Stefanou


Roes Theater
2nd Dance Festival Choreographers Association Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture

International Art festival Choreographic Award

Story Layout

Circle of life. Five dancers, part of bigger plan are going through a journey only to be reborn in a new beginning.
Trying new experiences they surrender and rebel and with no escape they taste the forbidden fruit.
Then they find themselves infected. A stage of initiation they cannot avoid if they want to reach beyond good and bad a new concept of their own selves and the space surrounding them.
Different bodies of various shapes and sizes meet with a metal staircase, a moving cow and a sac full of dolls.