Aggeliki Papadatou

Set Design:
Elina Drakopoulou

Sanny Aliberti

Slides Projection:
K. Vassalou

Irene Kourouvani,
Elina Tzavara

Story Layout

Who are those behind the screen? Is it Marilyn Monroe, Sappho, Joan of Arc? It could be Madame Bovary and Marie Curie. It may be Ella Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Theresa or even Madonna. They are all there behind the screen, waiting for their turn and at the right moment they will appear. What about him, who is he? He is violence and pleasure, sadness and happiness, death and rebirth…relationship. What happens in the end? No matter what, there will be only a small switch of the mind that will take us from a dark “nowhere” to a bright “somewhere” and as “Pink-Brownies” we shall live the ultimate romance and the most promising awakening of our senses. A journey we all have the right to experience, fat or thin, tall or short, with special and non special needs.