Concept/Choreography/Performance/Set design:
Angelica Papadatos,
Panagiotis Daramaras

Αssistant Choreographer/production manager:
Kelly Karachaliou

Composition & live music Performance:
Stelios Giannoulakis

Mata Kourti

Lighting Designer:
Apostolis Strantzalis

Nikos Antoniou

AggeloSkoni Da.Co.


Venizelio Odeio Chania
Dance Days Chania 2013
Argo Theatre
10th Dance Festival Greek Choreographer’s Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism 

Story Layout

 dance theater performance

AggeloSkoni Da.Co. presents “Traces”, a dance piece of personal impressions. The visual artist Panagiotis Daramaras and the choreographer Angelica Papadatos meet on the stage for the first time, they collaborate and co-create materializing a memory, a moment of everyday life, a race of life. Hiding behind the thoughts of time, they move to the place where the beginning transforms into an end which is a new beginning.

The composer Stelios Giannoulakis is performing live his electronic music following a parallel journey of alteration and change through dynamics and coulourful sound movements.

A chair, a table and a piece of materiel coexist while moving in the covered with asses monochrome set design, they leave their traces behind while changing roles, dimensions and images into a fluid sound-space of memories and correlations.