Scheduled for October 2021

A multi-thematic project on the Threshing Floor* complex,
in the Tsakonian settlement Sapounakaika of Tyros N. Kynouria.


Φωτορεπορτάζ από το Καλλιτεχνικό Περιπατητικό Βίωμα: “…Πριν το Μετά…”
Yannis Sinadinos


Artistic Direction/ Choreography/Production:
Angelica Papadatos

Production Manager/ Dramaturgy
Neli Poulopoulou

Vassiliki Chrysanthakopoulou

Music Synthesis
Stelios Giannoulakis

Amalia Antoniadou

Set design
Nikos Antoniou

Alexia Theodoraki

Eleni Piperou

Advisor of Popular Culture
Eleni Manou

Advisor of the Tsakonian Language
Panos Marneris

Performers participants/volunteers
Locals 14-25 years old

Local volunteers
Local inhabitants

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Before The After

The Alonia (Threshing Floors*) is a sample of the art of the Arcadian craftsmen and part of the local cultural heritage. Following the structure of this special space, integrated in the natural environment, the walking artistic experience on the subject of individual and collective loss is unfolded.

Using dance, music and visual arts, the project explores the history and customs of the place, the daily life and the memory of the locals, the importance of the surroundings and the contact with nature. In each Threshing floor a different action is developed, with the participation of artists in collaboration with the residents who all together compose an artistic experience that the visitor gradually experiences, as he walks on the path that connects the threshing floors. The original space becomes an exhibition, a set design for a performance and a recreation area for the spectators.

The aim is to tell the history of the place through an artistic point of view, giving the eight threshing floors of today a new use and significance. Man and space have memory and the losses they have experienced shape their present. We allow people and their environment to tell their story “before” today, expecting its continuation in the “after”. In this way, our personal and collective continuity over time is investigated.

The project is materialized under Aggeliki’s artistic direction on behalf of the non profit organization Quilombo Lab ( We have applied for funding at the Ministry of Culture for the year 2021 and are waiting for its support.

Up to date “Before the After” has the official support of the Municipality of S.Kynouria and of the local associations.

*a hard, level surface on which corn or other grain is threshed with a flail

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